This is how Turing Society solved its first problem.


It all started with a problem. Turing Society was founded in Rotterdam at a business university, a place where a lot of people have ideas. New businesses have to be started, world problems need to be tackled and innovation is the unreachable goal on the horizon. But an entrepreneurial spirit is not enough. One needs to be able to bring ideas into practice, and at a university without IT faculty it was not always easy to find the tools to do so.

Teodor Cătăniciu and Tomas Moška were both thinking about this problem when they were introduced to each other. Teodor had just completed a coding bootcamp in Sillicon Valley and wanted to start one in Rotterdam, and Tomas, who had been coding for quite some time, noticed he was the only person in his environment that could be approached for tech related matters. Things needed to change, and so they came up with Turing Society. Turing Society is a society that wants to give students the tools to solve problems through tech, with the ultimate goal to accelerate them. Teodor took care of the bootcamp, Tomas worked on the community and events, and as the team expanded so did our reach. Turing Society works with influential speakers from big leaders in the tech industry, but start-ups too, and our events attract large audiences. We connect people. And not just in Rotterdam, for Turing Society has been rapidly expanding. Turing Society’s chapters in Lithuania have created quite some buzz and Turing Society Amsterdam is gaining momentum. So, what’s next?


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