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Turing Chapters

Turing School

World-class coding classes for school students between the age of 13 - 19. In partnership with Harvard's CS50, students get world's best curriculum of computer science at the comfort of their school.

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Turing College

3 year study, completely automated international college. Solely focused on Software Engineering, it brings region's top 5% of developers under one roof. No teachers, no classes, no exams. Free of charge to every student.

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Turing Students Vilnius

Student association in Lithuanias' capital Vilnius. Working towards building the community of tech enthusiasts, while providing affordable courses to every student of the age of 19 - 28.

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Turing Students Amsterdam

Tech enthusias student association in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Very focused on broad topics of technology & development, while bringing the international community of Amsterdam together for a common cause.

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Turing Students Rotterdam

Rotterdam is where Turing Society was born. Having one of the most active communities, student association in Rotterdam, The Netherlands are actively involving coroporate & large entreprises to educate the local community on the latest tech trends.

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Turing Students México

Turing Students México, with classes and events in spanish, brings our bootcamps and curriculum to a much broader group of people. With access to European community, México is an up-and-coming technology centre that does make the best of our peer-to-peer learning pedagogy.

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Turing Solutions

Throughout our education ecosystem, every now and then we meet a student which is extraordinary is her/his ability to code. Turing Solutions is a development company where such students of our community are hired to work on real-word projects and startup ideas.

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